Payment & Account FAQs

At Big Boys Toy Storage, our primary method of payment is through Direct Debit, which can be set up using your Credit Card, Debit Card, or Bank account. If this method doesn’t suit your preferences, feel free to discuss alternative options with us, keeping in mind that other payment arrangements may incur an administration fee.

Upon initiating your storage service, you’ll enrol in our convenient auto-payment system. This system ensures hassle-free monthly transactions by automatically deducting charges from your chosen credit card, debit card or bank account. By doing so, you eliminate the need for manual payments and the risk of late fees.

Your initial payment covers the month in advance, and we encourage customers to embrace this automated system for its simplicity and efficiency. We’ve designed it to keep costs low, allowing us to offer you competitive prices.

We bill on a monthly basis, with payments due in advance from the first day of your storage. The automated payments are scheduled for the month ahead, with a 5-day grace period before a late fee of $15 is applied.  After an additional 10 days, a further late fee of $25 is added to your account.

While we aim to avoid late fees, it’s an integral part of our system. Please note that if your account falls into arrears, your PIN Code will be automatically deactivated temporarily until your account is brought up to date.

To prevent the possibility of late fees, we recommend ensuring that all payments are guaranteed when automatically deducted from your bank account or credit card each month. This ensures a seamless and fee-free experience for our valued customers.

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