Insurance FAQs

Yes, it’s highly advisable to keep your items insured while in storage.

While Big Boys Toy Storage maintains comprehensive insurance coverage for the facility itself, it’s important to note that our policy does not extend to cover your individual items.  This is akin to your home and car insurance – your home owner’s policy, for instance, doesn’t cover damages to your car while parked at home.

While not mandatory, we strongly recommend that you obtain your own insurance for the items you store with us.  It ensures an extra layer of protection tailored specifically to the value of your belongings. This is especially crucial if you’re storing valuable belongings along with your car, boat or caravan, because we’re not aware of the value of your individual items.

If you plan on storing with us for an extended period, it’s a wise move to inform your insurance company about your storage arrangement. This proactive step may lead to potential reductions in your insurance premiums.

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