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We offer secure storage for cars, boats, caravans, RVs, motorbikes, jet-skis and other vehicles. Even buses, trucks and ultra-light aircrafts. This website explains how we can securely store almost any of your toys, but if you have something seriously large or unusual, please contact us or give us a call.

Yes. Common sense and various laws determine what can be stored. Things you cannot store with us include perishables, liquids, explosives, flammables, paint and cleaners.

You can keep fuel in the fuel tanks of your vehicles and boats. Even LPG bottles on caravans are safe so long as they correctly fitted and operating in accordance to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Do not store food or items that could attract pests or rodents.

Our expert staff will work out the space you need when you tell us what will be stored. Then we work out the best price for you based on the space you need and how long you plan to store with us.

It’s up to you. We’re very flexible. You can enjoy month-to-month secure storage with no long term commitment. Or you can choose to store with us for as long as you want with a fixed term. Fixed terms can be short or long. You decide and you set the term that works for you.

Please note, planning to store with BBTS for a longer term usually works out to be a slightly lower cost, but month-to-month secure storage is fine by us and works well for most of our customers.

Prices are based on the amount of space you need. Not surprisingly, a truck costs more to store than a motorcycle. There are many variables and we can’t provide accurate pricing here on our website. Contact us by email, the web form or phone and let us know what you want to store with us. We’ll quickly work out the best price for you.

Please remember, if you’re comparing prices of different storage facilities, not all storage is the same. Where you choose to store your toys does matter for your peace of mind and your access to them when you need them. BBTS storage is all safe indoors, protected and highly secure – and BBTS is easily accessible for you.

Usually indoor storage would cost a bit more than cheaper outdoors storage places. We know our prices are pretty low and very competitive and our facilities and customer service are first class. Give us a call or drop in and see for yourself.

It depends if you’re on a month-to-month agreement or a fixed term agreement. Normally we require 30 days’ notice if you want to stop, but we’re flexible. If your circumstances change unexpectedly, let us know. We’ll sort it out.

BBTS is committed to always providing our customers with the most professional, safe and convenient secure storage services. With that in mind, your monthly rate cannot be guaranteed for the lifetime of your stay with BBTS. Periodically, we find it necessary to make adjustments to our customers’ storage rates in order to keep up with rising costs of doing business and providing a safe, secure facility.

Please check the rest of these FAQs or contact us for additional information.

Keep your toys safe and secure, ready to enjoy…

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